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The Computer Graphics and Animation industry is full of promises. Every year the biggest movies tend to have the biggest effects. Movies that are fully computer animated, once a far-off dream are now playing at your local movie house. Television commercials use more cinema effects than ever before, and the gaming industry is busting with computer graphically created products But film effects are only a part of the computer graphics industry. Computer Graphics is used in broadcast graphics, games, theme parks, industrial animation, virtual reality, and scientific and medical research.

When someone is thinking about getting into the Computer Graphics field they need to understand that there are many kinds of jobs working in many different industries. To say that you want to be a 3D animator is like saying you want to be a musician. You need to make choices. Certainly there is an overall level of understanding (like music theory), but beyond that you need to choose your instrument and your style.

Animation artists create an impression of movement in a world with depth, color, sound and texture by manipulating images. 3D animators bring to life a virtual world filled with cartoon characters, people and everyday objects, moving and interacting within an ever-changing environment. An animator has the power to create a real world with virtual things.

For instance, you could be a modeler, an animator, a character animator, a lighting specialist, a compositor, a texture artist, a CG programmer, a technical director or an art director. Each of these jobs is different. You may be interested in all of them but the earlier you can focus on an area that you are particularly good at, the better off you will be once you get out in the working world.

Capital Computers provides the opportunity to fulfill your dreams in Computer Graphics and Animation field.